Site Host: Peter Elbling
Occupation: writer/actor/director/songwriter
Years in Training: 45
Age: 23

Hellena Jones Elbling
Fashion Coordinator: Unknown
Hairdresser: Sue Putnam
Dentist: Prefers to remain incognito
Marital Status: See Photographer



Peter's Reel


We’re a third of the way through 2015 and much has happened.

The play, "Beside herself," which I wrote with Nick Ullett, is now with a NY producer and our bags are packed for Broadway.

"Guilt," which I wrote on my lonesome had its first staged reading to a surprisingly good response. I’m continuing to work on it as I am the novel, Jazz, which is also nearing completion.

The YouTube campaign for Mr. Vinegar and Jonesy was very successful and Jonesy is now a star.

An article in the Huffington Post called "10 Books that Cook" listed my novel The Food Taster as #4! And The Food Taster will be published later this year in Bulgaria. That’s 21 countries and counting.

But wait! There’s more! My first TV acting job in 2015 was on the new Patrick Stewart comedy, "Blunt Talk."

So come in, enjoy. Leave a comment.   

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