Site Host: Peter Elbling
Occupation: writer/actor/director/songwriter
Years in Training: 45
Age: 23

Hellena Jones Elbling
Fashion Coordinator: Unknown
Hairdresser: Sue Putnam
Dentist: Prefers to remain incognito
Marital Status: See Photographer



Peter's Reel

Summer 2021

Friends everywhere,

June 22nd   2021

Every weekend for the past ten months I’ve emailed a piece of music to a group of friends: classical, jazz, r & b, opera and rock, you name it. It’s been such a joy. One unexpected pleasure has been discovering music I was not aware of. On more than one occasion I’ve I wept at the beauty of a piece while at others I danced and danced till I wore the needle out.

I also bought an electric piano and am slowly, very slowly, learning how to play. The most wonderful thing is that you don’t need to know how to play to compose little melodies.

I have recently finished writing Acts of Amusement, my latest novel and hope that by this time next year you’ll be able to purchase it whenever you choose. I can’t wait.

Come on in, the water’s warm.


I am glad to be represented by Jeff Wolfman at the Fred Price Talent Agency..
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