Welcome to my website.

As you will see, I've enjoyed acting, writing, directing, and even choreography.

Now I've found something that combines those disciplines, storytelling, and I couldn't be happier.

Site Host: Peter Elbling
Occupation: writer/actor/director/songwriter
Years in Training: 45
Age: 23

Hellena Jones Elbling
Fashion Coordinator: Unknown
Hairdresser: Sue Putnam
Dentist: Prefers to remain incognito
Marital Status: See Photographer

Peter's Reel

Prince Peter's one man show, "It's never too late," sees Peter return to his first love, music, and also dive into the world of storytelling, which he recently discovered. Both the songs and stories are original and nothing he has ever done has given him as much pleasure.


I am glad to be represented by Jeff Wolfman at the Fred Price Talent Agency..
Tel: 818.284.2752 | jeffwolfman@sbcglobal.net